Call Before You Clear!

If you’re an Xcel Energy customer in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin, and you suspect a sewer or septic line blockage in your home or business, be sure to call us on our 24-hour Gas Emergency/Dispatch number at 800-895-2999 before anyone attempts to clear it.

While most problems are caused by tree roots, there’s a slight possibility that a natural gas pipe could have inadvertently been installed through your sewer lateral or septic line, creating what is known as a cross bore. Mechanical equipment used to unclog the lines can penetrate the cross bore and lead to a dangerous release of natural gas.

When you call, we will examine our records to determine if any potential conflicts exist between our natural gas pipe and your sewer or septic lines and whether an in-line camera inspection is needed. We provide this service at no cost to our customers.

Please remember, Call Before You Clear! 

Visit for additional information and safety tips.

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